Mentoring Program

We all have something to learn and something to teach!  That’s why as a benefit of membership, NEAPG is pleased to offer peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities to all members.

How It Works

Any member can become a mentor or a mentee—or both!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Mentors submit a list of the topic areas in which they’re willing to provide coaching.  You can become a Mentor at any time during your membership.  The complete list of topics in which mentoring is currently offered is published on this page (below).  If you see a topic already listed that you’d like to offer mentoring in please do!  Multiple Mentees might be waiting for help in that area.
  2. Mentees submit a request for coaching in their area of interest from the list on this page (below).  You can become a Mentee at any time during your membership.  Sometimes mentoring isn’t offered in a particular area simply because no one has asked for it yet!  If you would like coaching in an are not yet offered, please submit a request and the Mentoring Team will try to find a Mentor with expertise and opportunity to help.
  3. The Mentoring Team matches the Mentee with a Mentor offering coaching in their area of interest.  You will each receive an email notification that you have been paired.  At that point your mentoring relationship begins!
  4. Mentoring is time-limited by default.  Mentees and Mentors are asked to make a 3-month commitment to each other and to try to meet 3-4 times (in-person or virtually) in that period for at least 30 minutes.  If possible, you’ll be matched with a mentor who lives in your geographic area to make in-person meeting feasible if you so choose.  At the end of the 3-month period, you can choose to continue the relationship on their own, otherwise the commitment will automatically end.
  5. Mentees and Mentors will receive a brief survey about their experiences to help us improve the program.

Mentoring Topics

Here is a list of topics in our members currently offer mentoring:

  • Business start-up
  • Certification
  • Client communication
  • Client report writing
  • Connecticut research
  • DNA/Genetic genealogy
  • Dual citizenship
  • Educational path planning, incl. next steps for BU grads
  • Forensic genealogy
  • French-Canadian research
  • Genealogical society building
  • Generalist services
  • Immigration research
  • Irish research
  • Italian research
  • Jewish research
  • Lineage societies, incl. DAR/SAR specialty
  • Massachusetts & Colonial Massachusetts
  • Military repatriation
  • Naturalization research
  • Networking successfully
  • New England research generally
  • New Hampshire research
  • New York research
  • Organizing large projects
  • Portuguese research
  • Reporting methods
  • Self-discipline
  • Speaking career building
  • Transitioning from a sole practitioner to a team business
  • Transitioning to full time
  • Translation
  • Working for multiple organizations
  • Writing for publication
  • Writing client reports

Sign Up!

If you would like to participate in the mentoring program, as either a mentor or mentee, please send an email to

Mentor volunteers, please include:

  • Topic(s) for which you’d like to offer mentoring.
  • A brief statement of your experience in that/those area(s).

Prospective Mentees, please include:

  • The topic for which you’d like coaching.
  • A brief statement of your experience in that area.
  • Your goals for learning in that area.